Monday, January 31, 2011

Los Mejores Traceros Desnudos

We invite you to participate .... it is a duty for our MARTORA MESSINA

receive and publish (Message by the Consumer Movement South )

continue to see rise to new associations, new movements, all free people, who want a different and better world. But what is meant by a better world, since the end of each debate, see the discussion of the debate to the next posture.

But what is meant by change? When will the real desire to make sure that things will change? What sense does it ... I continue to create new associations when already there are hundreds ... or maybe it's the same old habit of being president of something?

Today Messina is in disarray today. Today we talk and write!

Today Messina and is falling into the abyss is always deeper. Today, now, and something must be done immediately. Today, we find that political vendetta between the pranks of Christmas, the gifts of Mrs. Aliberti ghost and associations that had little of the social (unless they made a lottery is not a highly social, like a car parked in Piazza Cairoli).

Today, now, and now it's time to demand accountability of our money. Ligabue sings to ask if made or walks around with a certificate of disability (the only two reasons why it could save about € 360,000 to give to the city of Messina, which is known to "sail in the gold").

Now, now, and now we must ask what is the point of € 80,000 had to spend our money on a game of Juventus. Now now now we need to account and never paid the rent of the houses owned by the city and then we - and we're talking about € 7,000,000 missing from the coffers of the town of Messina -.

Now, now, and now we must ask dell'allegria management of public land at Messina. Now, now, and now we must ask on behalf of the 12 lives cut short on city streets, Giampilieri of the 38 deaths, seven of highway deaths, deaths of Segesta.

Now, now, and now we have to account that Arsenal have closed, which closed military hospital, which closed the degassing of Smeb that closed, the Navy, which no longer exists, the 9 to Messina day who emigrate because this city apparently does not want them.

Now, now, and now we understand why RFI handle ships of the narrow, because they eliminated the long-distance trains, because commuters are not protected.

Now, now, and now we can and must do something to Messina where we are really different and if we love this city, otherwise .... Let's face it: there just as in a newspaper, there have been just a small event organizers, we just keep that little newspaper clipping to show, one day, our grandchildren ... but please finish this to say that we are different.

So today if you really want to do something let's get an appointment immediately: We organize a huge demonstration outside the court the place where we must seek the answers! And while we shout out loud so that you can hear also from the University which is the place where they should form their conscience and culture.

We were deliberately harsh because it is not longer than fine words, if they can afford only the rich and advanced society, and we were hoping that all those who until now have only words really want to change and then immediately We will arrange for you to finally have answers our questions! And to avoid the risk of continuing to dance while the Titanic is sinking inexorably ... All the best and hope to be many.


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